Our Impact

Working closely with children in DRC in 2017; the profits of the sales of our ESIMBI T-shirt have helped ESIMBI pay school fees of 4 students for an entire year.

ESIMBI’s first trip was to Congo, hosting a Cultural Day on 20th October 2016, in Kinshasa, with an open air, art competition for the Matumaini orphanage and 4 selected local schools. Our Founder Tina Lobondi hosted a talk at ISAM for almost 600 students, who had signed up to the program. She discussed the different career options within the fashion industry.


This inspiring workshop at ISAM Kinshasa led by Tina Lobondi and Congo Fashion Institute, was attended by 3rd-year students throughout the school. They gained first-hand knowledge from the internationally known and award-winning designer, with the aim of helping them to reflect on their own future choices and encouraging ideas of what to expect once they have graduated from university. 


Our impact in numbers

we need your help to do more in order to better these children's education

ESIMBI’S annual ART Competition 2016

This project, which catered for 232 children in Kinshasa was a big success for ESIMBI. As well as attracting several local schools and a girl's orphanage, ESIMBI’s ART Competition also received international news coverage. The prize for the students was announced at our gala on the 17th February 2017. The prize was a one year scholarship, a full drawing kit and a workshop with one of our local artist.

Through the project we wanted to unify the children, in the aims of making them feel part of a community which cared for the future.


These underprivileged children are attending schools that cannot afford any type of artistic activities, such as school trips or recreational activities that may be offered to private schools in DRC.

We wanted the children, and the representatives of the schools to network and to understand the importance of art, keeping with our theme, we asked them to draw their city, Kinshasa... And their drawings depicted a colourful Kinshasa, a place full of hope.

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* All the children were given school kits, which they usually have to pay for because the schools could not provide them.

* Drawing materials and paper were also provided, which their schools and families cannot afford to buy.

* Complimentary drinks and food on the day.