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Our Mission:

Inspire Empower Achieve

We are advocates for education, apprenticeship and employment in the field of the Arts and Creativity, to provide a sustainable way of life for the children and the youth of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Women in the United Kingdom. 

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Our Mission

ESIMBI acts as a development platform for young people, by providing career insight and advice via PROFESSIONAL SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS. We bring in industry experts and mentors to help assess the skills of the young participants, determine their strengths, and evaluate how to further develop their knowledge.

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Our Impact

ESIMBI’s first trip was to Congo, hosting a Cultural Day on 20th October 2016, in Kinshasa, with an open air, art competition for the Matumaini orphanage and 4 selected local schools. Our Founder Tina Lobondi hosted a talk at ISAM for almost 600 students, who had signed up to the program. She discussed the different career options within the fashion industry.




The children took part in our annual event in Kinshasa. An art competition mentored by local artists.




Students from the Fashion university ISAM, in Kinshasa took part in a seminar hosted by Tina Lobondi and Congo Fashion Institute.



A Thousand children Impacted

ESIMBI aims to be a continuous support in the lives of young people, assist them in finding a career within the arts industry and provide them with the tools that will shape their professional and personal lives.


Our Programs

Our objectives are to empower children and young people between the age of 18 and 35 to creative entrepreneurship, and to provide 4 participants with a secured career opportunity.






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Get Involved

We created our seminars and workshops to build confidence and leadership skills, to train in financial literacy and increase engagement in decision-making in a community often left behind or misunderstood by our fast moving society.


support in kind

Give a gift by buying a book, bag and pen, a uniform, a breakfast, a t-shirt.

When you attend one of our events, the profits will go towards our programs.  

Volunteer opportunities

Give the gift of time. You can fundraise for ESIMBI through sponsored activities of your choice such as a marathon, dress up as a clown for the day, or a bike ride. 

Make a Donation

Sponsor a child's education for a year or more by donating below. This can be a one off or monthly payments as convenient for you. This enables us to keep every child at school.